The Graphic Designer

I believe paper and beautiful design have the ability to make or break a first impression. There’s something so endearing about receiving custom wedding stationery in the mail that lets us know, as guests, we’re being considered in every detail of the wedding planning. And details are my absolute favorite.

I’m Kristen, owner and designer at Five Dot Design.
I have a true passion for paper goods.

Our home growing up was filled with oversized sketch pads, colored pencils and markers. I wrote notes to my friends in junior high with perfect bubble letters, and took every art class available in high school. This lead to a degree in Graphic Design and, now, my own stationery business. Some days I get to pull out my oversized sketch pads, some days I get to build and craft, and others I’m on the computer refining my latest project. Every day I have the privilege of being creative.

I grew up in small town between Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio and eventually migrated just over the river to Northern Kentucky. I married an architect and we’re raising our daughter to build forts and spaceships from cardboard boxes, keep her heart compassionate, stay curious, challenge herself, and create her own adventures.

I’m the girl at your party having a conversation with the dog instead of guests, a fountain Coke can cure just about anything, torture is asking me to pick a restaurant, I like my bourbon neat, and my workspace messy

Photo courtesy of Kelsey of The Malicotes and makeup by Kristin Gray