This Is Where It Gets Awkward

letterboard and removable letters

This is where it gets awkward.
I’m not a big “sharer” of my life and what’s going on in it. I’ve never really felt the urge to update my Facebook status every few hours (though I do still love a good check-in or cheeky conversation with my daughter) and I’m not the best as remembering to post to my IG stories during the day. And lessbehonest, I’m still in the dating phase with Snapchat, but I have some ideas that could have us spending even more time together.

This is why I’m really really bad at showing my face on social media. I make it weird and it feels a bit like a hot mess.

But I also know of few other things.

1. I could outsource this social media, but then it won’t be my authentic voice. And that’s important. No inspirational quotes, no photos of coffee with designs in it. That’s not me. I’m sass, I’m wit and I’m some champagne at 3pm.

2. Y’all are on your A-game when it comes to social media (and I know you aren’t necessarily hanging out on Facebook, either) What I’ve noticed is the client profile changed for the wedding industry with the newer demographic of clients coming into the arena. I see you guys. And I’m going to work hard to give ya whatchoo want – hopefully, anyway.

So why am I telling you this?

Because life is about adaptation. And a lot of people confuse adaptation with full-on change. It doesn’t have to be that way. Adaptation is a form of change that allows you to still remain true to who you are, just in a different environment. Here, it so happens to be the online environment.

My hope for moving forward to show you more of who I am as a designer and an artist. The word artist has always been a little harder for me to embrace, because it’s been an awkward word for me. I love being a creative and I love being an artist, but the word can carry some heavy baggage. But I guess I’ll just pack my paints and my brushes in those bags and haul them along for the ride.

Who I’m Excited to Watch in 2018

Kiley in Kentucky’s newsletter just popped in my inbox and as I’m reading it, I’m nodding my head and muttering, “Oh yes, girl” under my breath. I love Kiley and not just for her thick southern accent (that’s a bonus) or the fact that her voice is similar to my own. I love her because the girl is hustlin’. The girl is making lemon bars with her lemons (this won’t make any sense if you don’t get her newsletter, but I bet if you asked her about it, she would explain it)

Another gal I’m loving is Sara Drury Local Looks. Again, I don’t love her just for southern accent (albeit softer than Kiley’s) or her winged eyeliner tutorial, but because she’s taking a profession that usually thrives in a one-to-one, in-person setting and finding a way to build a strong community outside of that in-person experience. This girl is doing things and I’m taking notes.

The last gal I’m crushing on big time? Mary Noon of Salt + Pepper Co. She’s KILLING the gifting game out in California and I feel like she would be the type to listen to Drake before she goes into a big pitch meeting. I like that idea. She’s dreaming huge, crushing goals, and to be straight up honest – she’s doing it so humbly… it’s refreshing.

I have visions and goals just like these gals. I’m putting it out into the universe that I will WORK with these gals in some way. And I know that to continue to do what I’m most passionate about is to continue the hustle and continue to DO.

To progress, we must do

But you also have to remember to do you and not someone else.

Wait. Ugh. See? Awkward.

Keep your vision true to your own and when you find the comparison game creeping in, take a break. Walk away. My BEST ideas and my GREATEST Oprah a-ha moments have come when I’ve stepped away from everyone else (mentally and sometimes even physically) and just did my thing. When I just DO.

That’s my “word” for 2018 that everyone’s fussing about. DO. Just DO something. And after all that rattling on, my something will be showing up more around here – I promise to work on that. This takes me way out of my comfort zone but what I’ve learned from Kiley and Sara and Mary is that you have to show up for your people, dry shampoo and all. You have to show people you’re ready to work and you’re ready to work hard and meaningfully. I can only hope one day I can meet these gals, give ‘em a squeeze and a glass of champagne and learn even more from them.

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